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KCFC Public Disclosures

  • KCFC is a proud member club of the United States Fencing Association - Kansas Division
  • Kansas City Fencing Center is a Publicly Supported Not For Profit Organization.
  • Contributions to the Kansas City Fencing Center are Tax Deductible
  • KCFC admits persons to all programs without regard to race, sex, religion, color, national or ethnic origin.
  • KCFC conducts administration of its organizational policies without regard to race, sex, religion, color, national or ethnic origin


Club History

The Kansas City Fencing Center is dedicated to providing a rich and rewarding life experience to people of the Kansas City metropolitan area through the sport of fencing. Our program has been featured in Sports Illustrated as well as most Kansas City local newspapers, TV, and radio stations.

Kansas City Fencing Center (formerly Central Fencing Club) began in 1992 when Vladimir Nazlymov, taught the first fencing classes at Central High School in Kansas City, Missouri. Coach Nazlymov, a three time Olympic Champion from Russia, was successful in helping fencers reach the pinnacle of their sport. Since its beginnings, fencers from KCFC have made their mark by consistently being ranked among the best fencers in the United States.

In July of 1999 Coach Nazlymov accepted the position of Head Fencing Coach at Ohio State University. Prior to his departure from KCFC, Maestro Nazlymov selected Kelly Williams as his replacement as Executive Director. Coinciding with Coach Nazlymov's departure from Kansas City the Kansas City Fencing Center was reorganized as a not for profit corporation, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the members of the center.

Since September of 1999 the Kansas City Fencing Center has been under the direction of Executive Director Williams. Today KCFC continues its tradition of excellence as one of the premiere fencing centers in the United States.


KCFC Mission Statment

Fencing is for everyone! At The Kansas City Fencing Center, our goal is to provide an enjoyable, high-quality fencing experience for our members. Our programs provide a safe, respectful, friendly atmosphere. From youngsters to senior adults, KCFC has a program designed to meet both recreational and competitive needs.

    The purpose of the Kansas City Fencing Center is:

  1. To promote the social welfare by advancing physical fitness through the establishment, maintenance and promotion of regular programs of athletic activity, physical conditioning and training in the art and sport of fencing.
  2. To combat juvenile delinquency by providing, for children and youths, regular supervised programs of wholesome athletic activity and training in the art and sport of fencing.
  3. To further individual self-discipline, build character and promote sportsmanship by providing regular supervised training, instruction and competition in the art and sport of fencing.
  4. To aid in the improvement and development of the powers of analysis, thinking, decision-making, and self-discipline of the individual through training in the art and sport of fencing.
  5. To provide programs of supervised and qualified instruction with approved and trained coaches and teachers in the art and sport of fencing.
  6. To instruct the public and provide general information with respect to the art and sport of fencing and the benefits to be derived from participation therein through lectures and other programs on the subject useful to the individual and beneficial to the community.
  7. To disseminate knowledge and basic factual material about the art and sport of fencing.
  8. To establish classes of formal instruction in the art and sport of fencing by a regular faculty according to a regular curriculum at fixed locations.
  9. To promote "people-to-people" friendship by maintaining harmonious relations with fencing systems of foreign countries and committees of other organizations interested in promoting international competitions and advancing the sport and art of fencing. Hi